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About Big Ambitions Game:

You can now get your hands on Big Ambitions, an innovative role-playing business simulation game, available for both Android and iOS. Begin your journey from small-time businesses to overseeing massive corporations within the bustling hub of New York City. In this captivating game, you assume the role of a single character, working towards financial prosperity while managing critical aspects such as sleep, health, and happiness. As you strive to grow your wealth, remember that time is a precious commodity that money can't purchase. Although Big Ambitions is currently in early access, it shows promise with smooth frame rates (hovering around 45 to 60 FPS, even before Steam Deck support optimization). Nevertheless, there are occasional stability issues and crashes, along with a somewhat less intuitive controller layout, which present some challenges. The developer, Jonas Hovgaard from Hovgaard Games, has pledged ongoing support and enhancements, aligning with the Big Ambitions roadmap for Steam Deck compatibility.