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Recent Release v1.1

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Provider: 91Act, Pssgames Ltd

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About Blazblue Entropy Effect:

"BlazBlue Entropy Effect" offers a thrilling roguelite experience, blending rich action and strategic combat. The game introduces ten diverse characters, each with unique abilities and vibrant personalities. With hundreds of moves, elemental effects, and legacy skills, players can craft their ideal fighter. Set in a cyberpunk world facing chaos, players enter the ACE cyberspace to uncover the truth and shape humanity's fate. The game received positive reviews, praised for its engaging combat mechanics, character-specific abilities, and continuous progression. Despite a complex narrative, its focus on gameplay and exploration makes it a standout in the roguelike genre, appealing even to newcomers.

Blazblue Entropy Effect can be played on Android and iOS!

Experience the excellence of "BlazBlue Entropy Effect" on mobile, available through the APK for both Android and iOS platforms. Download and install the APK, unveiling a captivating story, incredible graphics, and superb 2D brawling gameplay. With a reasonable size of 950 MB, it's compatible with various phones, ensuring widespread support. Enjoy the fantastic main mode, where you can play as an ACER in this roguelite fighter game. Revel in top-notch graphics, engaging combat, and unlock all ten diverse characters, each adding depth to the immersive experience on your mobile device.

950 MB