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About brotato Game:

"Brotato" is a thrilling 2D fighting game that takes you on an action-packed journey as a potato armed with up to six weapons, battling relentless waves of alien invaders in a top-down arena shooter roguelite. In this dynamic gaming experience, you have the freedom to choose from a range of traits and items to craft unique loadouts, all while striving to survive until reinforcements arrive. It's important to note that "Brotato" grant you immediate access to the game and the opportunity to actively contribute to its development. However, please keep in mind that it's a work in progress, and its features and content may evolve over time. If you're captivated by its concept and gameplay but seek a more refined experience, you may want to consider waiting for further development progress. Get ready to wield your spud-tastic arsenal and take on those extraterrestrial foes in "Brotato"!.