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About Cuphead DLC Game:

Contrary to its title, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course offers much more than a mere dessert to follow up the original game's gourmet feast. This expansion prioritizes quality over quantity, featuring just six mainline boss fights that are nothing short of incredible. These battles are not only immensely enjoyable but also visually breathtaking and challenging. Adding to the excitement, The Delicious Last Course introduces a range of new weapons and charms that provide fresh approaches to boss fights, along with enticing secrets that offer worthwhile rewards. It also introduces the character of Ms. Chalice, who, far from being an "easy mode," brings her own unique skills to the game, providing some relief from Cuphead's notorious difficulty without diluting the challenge.

While my first playthrough only lasted a few hours, I consider them essential for any Cuphead enthusiast. The Delicious Last Course goes beyond gameplay, aiming to breathe life into Ms. Chalice, who had previously appeared only as a super-move-granting spirit in the main game. Cuphead and Mugman embark on a journey to a new isle, guided by the hope that Chef Saltbaker, the legendary chef, can create a Wondertart capable of giving Ms. Chalice a permanent physical form. The catch? They must collect its ingredients by triumphing over formidable foes. Although the story isn't the primary draw, it is engagingly conveyed through quick cutscenes and the exceptional art that Cuphead fans have grown to adore.