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About Dredge Game:

indie fishing video game, released in 2023, developed by Black Salt Games in New Zealand and published by Team17. This unique game unfolds a captivating narrative of a lone fisherman navigating an open world archipelago, where the once serene fishing experience takes a Lovecraftian turn as the player encounters increasingly surreal and eerie creatures. Available on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, "Dredge" offers an intriguing blend of fishing and cosmic horror.

In "Dredge," players command a small motorized fishing boat, venturing out into a day-night cycle where their actions influence the passage of time. Whether it's sailing or fishing, these activities advance the clock, creating a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience. The core of the game revolves around seeking fish to catch and underwater items to salvage, each requiring the player to engage in a short minigame to secure their haul. However, lingering out on the open waters into the night comes with its own set of challenges. A growing panic meter signifies potential danger, with higher levels leading to hallucinations that warp reality and introduce hazards that can damage the player's vessel. Nevertheless, some elusive fish can only be found during the night, compelling players to brave these eerie hours. The archipelago's waters are also inhabited by menacing sea monsters, adding an element of danger and surprise.

"Dredge" offers a unique and immersive experience, blending the tranquility of fishing with the unpredictability of cosmic horror. While the game isn't currently available on mobile platforms like Android or iOS, players can potentially use emulators to enjoy it on their mobile devices.