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About Enshrouded:

"Enshrouded" beckons players into a haunting odyssey through Embervale's desolation. Fueled by ancestral quests for magic, a malevolent plague ensnares the world. This voxel-based open-world masterpiece immerses survivors in landscapes of mountains, deserts, and secrets, allowing destinies to unfold.

Survival demands resilience in the perilous wilds, scavenging through remnants of a forgotten kingdom amid relentless beasts. The Shroud, a corrupting force, introduces intense combat with formidable bosses and factions. Players craft a distinctive playstyle through a nuanced skill tree, exploiting enemy vulnerabilities.

Voxel-based building becomes a canvas for creativity, offering refuge for NPCs and unlocking advanced workshops for epic gear. Legendary weapons and armor are forged to resist the unyielding advance of the Shroud. Collaborative 16-player co-op involves strategic roles and skills, triumphing over Fell hordes. Diverse biomes reveal a riveting tale of magic, ruin, hope, and redemption embedded in Embervale's fallen cultures. "Enshrouded" stands as a pinnacle in gaming, seamlessly blending survival, creativity, and intense combat for an unparalleled player experience.

Enshrouded can be played on Android & iOS!

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