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New Update v1.2 (2023)

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Provider: Euphoric Brothers

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About Garten Of Banban 6 (2023):

Step into the chilling unknown of Banban's Kindergarten with Garten of Banban VI. After the unsettling events of Garten of Banban 4, players are compelled to delve deeper into the mysterious establishment, navigating where no one has dared before. Friend-making opportunities exhausted, Banban's Kindergarten now conceals adversaries at every turn, ensuring players never experience a moment of solitude. The storyline unfolds as Sheriff Toadster and the player land on a floor so terrifying that even the sheriff is shaken. Dodging ambushes by mischievous Naughty Ones becomes paramount, introducing players to intriguing characters like Banbaleena and Bittergiggle, guiding them through mysteries and unforeseen challenges. Garten of Banban VI immerses players in captivating gameplay, demanding they stay in the light to elude threats and decipher codes for progression. Developed and published by the Euphoric Brothers, this adventure horror game, accessible on Steam, promises a distinctive fusion of adventure and mascot horror. Plunge into the shadows, unveil the truth of the place, and embark on a quest for a missing child in this enthralling sequel to Garten of Banban IV.

Garten Of Banban 6 can be played on Android and iOS!

Great news for Garten of Banaban 6 enthusiasts! The latest game update is now live on all platforms, including Windows and MacOS. Although the mobile version is still pending, we have an exciting solution for eager players looking to enjoy Garten of Banaban 6 on their Android devices. You can access the Garten of Banaban 6 APK release through the PSSGames emulator. Download the APK file, optimized for Android phones running version 5 and above. For iOS users, a lite version is available. Download the APK file (size 320MB) from this page, install it, and complete a quick 2FA verification to enhance account security. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Garten of Banaban 6 mobile experience – the ultimate gaming adventure awaits!