Gorilla Tag mobile android apk ios
Gorilla Tag mobile android apk ios

Gorilla Tag Mobile

New Update 1.3

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About Gorilla Tag Game:

Experience an exhilarating adventure in virtual reality where you can run, climb, and jump using a unique locomotion method that relies solely on the movement of your hands and arms. No buttons, no sticks, no teleportation – just the physicality of your gestures. Leap into the air by pushing off surfaces and scale heights by gripping with both hands.
Gorilla Tag VR offers four distinct game modes to cater to your preferences. Whether it's a classic game of Tag for up to 3 players, the thrilling Infection mode with 4 or more participants, or the Hunt mode where you have a unique target to pursue, there's something for everyone. Additionally, indulge in the intense Paintbrawl mode, a team vs. team paintball showdown using slingshots.
In this virtual world, you can either flee from other gorillas or strategize to outmaneuver survivors. Utilize your parkour skills to climb trees and cliff faces, providing opportunities for evasion and pursuit. Socialize with strangers in a virtual jungle or team up with friends in a private room for an interactive gaming experience. The low stakes allow for casual chatting and the creation of your own games. The movement is easy to grasp but difficult to master. The game supports crossplay with the PC versions, enabling you to play with friends on any platform.
Explore six diverse levels, each with its unique topography, forming various routes and obstacles for engaging gameplay.
Visit the in-game store located in the City, where you'll discover a rotating inventory of items to purchase, play with, and wear, allowing you to express your individuality as a 'monke.'
Embrace the experience and transform into a gorilla, where every swing and leap takes you on a journey through an exciting virtual world.

Gorilla Mobile For Android And IOS:

The gameplay experience in Gorilla Tag VR is nothing short of spectacular. The visuals are not only immersive but also incredibly detailed, making you feel like you're truly swinging through a virtual jungle. The controls are exceptionally smooth, responding seamlessly to your hand and arm movements, creating an intuitive and engaging gaming experience. What's even more impressive is that this phenomenal gaming adventure is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. The optimization for mobile devices is remarkable, ensuring a smooth and captivating experience on a wide range of smartphones. Furthermore, the APK size is impressively small, ensuring that you can swiftly download and install the game without taking up too much storage space on your device, making it accessible to a broader audience of gaming enthusiasts. Gorilla Tag VR truly stands out as a remarkable mobile gaming experience that's accessible, visually stunning, and incredibly enjoyable.