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About High On Life Game:

High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter game, with action-adventure and metroidvania elements, taking place in a science fiction world, which features talking guns. It was created by Justin Roiland and developed and published by Squanch Games. The game was dedicated to the memories of Marshall Gause and Jonathan Bahm and has been released on December 12, 2022. Full development of High on Life began in 2019, a short time after the release of the studio's previous title, Trover Saves the Universe. The initial concept, conceived by Justin Roiland, was to develop a first-person shooter that featured talking guns that would speak to the player and react to their actions.The game includes voice acting from Roiland, J.B. Smoove, Tim Robinson, Betsy Sodaro, Steve Agee, Maurice LaMarche, Maria Bamford, Hal Lublin, Andy Daly, Jon Daly, Kevin McDonald, Mary Mack, Rich Fulcher, Thomas Middleditch, Nolan North, Jennifer Hale, Wayne Pygram, Joel Haver, Alec Robbins, Ryan Ridley, Dave Herman, Laura Silverman, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny, James Urbaniak, Echo Kellum, Jack Black, Susan Sarandon, the cast of Red Letter Media, and Smiling Friends creators Zach Hadel and Michael Cusack.[citation needed] Original music was composed by Tobacco with addiational music provided by Morris Borris, Ryan Elder, Sam Houselander, Pete Maguire, Jonathan Peros, Kevin Temmer and Akash Thakkar.