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Provider: Pssgames, Eleventh Hour

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About Last Epoch:

Last Epoch, an Action RPG making the leap from Early Access to full launch after a three-year journey, presents a captivating fusion of time-traveling adventure, intense dungeon exploration, and extensive character customization. Featuring over 15 Mastery Classes and more than 120 unique Skill Trees, players have the freedom to tailor their playstyle as they progress through the game. With a deep and randomized loot system, players will constantly discover new items to enhance their characters. The game's rewarding crafting system allows players to forge their own path to power, ensuring endless replayability. From engaging in challenging endgame activities like the Monolith of Fate and Arena battles to exploring dungeons, Last Epoch offers an immersive gameplay experience for both newcomers and seasoned ARPG enthusiasts alike. With a commitment to fair play and no pay-to-win mechanics, players can embark on a thrilling journey through time to uncover the secrets of Eterra and shape the destiny of the world.

Last Epoch can be played on Android and iOS!

Download the Last Epoch APK fanmade version developed by the PSSGames team and embark on an epic journey on your mobile device. Whether you're on Android or iOS, this APK supports any device with API above 16 and is optimized for smooth performance even on newer phones. Immerse yourself in the rich gameplay and captivating storyline, all without needing an internet connection. As you explore the vast world of Last Epoch, encounter formidable foes, unravel mysteries of ancient civilizations, and unleash powerful abilities to shape the fate of Eterra. With its deep character customization, rewarding loot system, and challenging endgame content, Last Epoch offers endless hours of thrilling gameplay. Install the APK now and begin your adventure in this action-packed RPG.

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