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About Lies of P:

Lies of P, a Soulslike action role-playing game developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, plunges players into the dark and twisted world of Pinocchio, drawing inspiration from the 1883 Italian novel by Carlo Collodi. Released on multiple platforms in September 2023, the game has garnered positive reviews and achieved significant sales, marking it as a standout in the competitive Soulslike genre. The gameplay, adopting a third-person perspective, follows Pinocchio through the dystopian city of Krat as he battles biomechanical foes with an arsenal of weapons and a unique mechanical arm. The "Lying System" introduces a narrative element where player decisions impact the unfolding story and lead to multiple endings. While heavily influenced by FromSoftware's signature style, Lies of P distinguishes itself with a captivating reimagining of Collodi's classic tale, introducing dark twists and memorable characters. The combat system, reminiscent of Bloodborne, encourages aggressive playstyles, and the addition of a weapon-crafting system allows players to create unique and sometimes comical combinations. Despite some linear aspects and occasional difficulty spikes, Lies of P manages to carve its place in the soulslike landscape, offering a gripping narrative and enjoyable combat experience for fans of the genre.

Lies of P can be played on Android and iOS!

This game is awesome and boasts a substantial following across various platforms, garnering significant viewership during streams. For instance, on Twitch, the game attracts an impressive 5.7k viewers. This popularity has fueled a desire among players to experience the game on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the mobile engine cannot support this game, and the developers haven't adapted it for Android and iOS platforms. However, there's good news: you can still play the game using the emulator PSSGames. Simply download the fan-made Lies of P APK from this page, install it through a third-party server provider, and enjoy the gameplay. Ensure that your phone has sufficient available storage for a smooth experience.