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Provider: Pssgames, Inflexion Games.

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About Nightingale:

Nightingale is an exciting game where you can play alone or with friends. You're stuck in dangerous Fae realms because the portal network collapsed. Your goal is to become a skilled Realmwalker and find your way to Nightingale, the last human stronghold.

Surviving in Nightingale means making tools, gathering resources, and making your gear better with magic. You can also build big homes, expand them, and get NPC helpers.

Exploring is a big part of Nightingale. There are lots of different places to discover, and you can do it alone or with friends. You'll have to fight scary creatures, so having good weapons and spells is important.

One cool thing about Nightingale is Realm Cards. They let you change what your next adventure will be like. Overall, Nightingale is a fun game with lots to do, including exploring, building, and fighting, whether you're playing alone or with friends.

Nightingale can be played on Android and iOS!

Download and install the Nightingale APK for an immersive gaming experience on your Android or iOS device, whether it's a phone, iPhone, or iPad. Although not officially released for mobile, this fan-made version allows you to enjoy the captivating story and explore the mystical Fae realms. With optimized touch controls for smooth gameplay, dive into the adventure of becoming a skilled Realmwalker. While internet connectivity may be required, the game's size ensures seamless performance on mobile devices. Embark on thrilling quests and craft your survival strategy with Nightingale for Android and iOS platforms, bringing the enchanting world of fantasy exploration to your fingertips.

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