Oxygen Not Included apk
Oxygen Not Included apk

Oxygen Not Included Mobile

Update: 2023

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Provider: Klei Entertainment

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About The Game:

After a successful beta phase, Oxygen Not Included has now been officially released with renewed confidence. This colony-building game is sure to provide hours of entertainment, thanks to its impressive attention to detail. The game begins on a distant alien asteroid, where you'll manage a crew of comical workers known as 'duplicates.' Your mission is to oversee their survival and progress as they transform the asteroid into a bustling colony filled with complex structures and vital facilities. The gameplay is intricate yet engaging, demanding thoughtful planning for everything from gas management to the weight of hydrogen. 'Oxygen Not Included' offers diverse challenges, including maintaining your duplicates' morale, protecting them from diseases and dangers in various biomes, and ensuring they have the right tools and resources for success.

Oxygen Not Included For Android And IOS:

To play this awsome game on your mobile device, use the Pssgames emulator for a seamless experience with graphics and performance similar to the PC version.

The installation process is hassle-free, and the game's size won't strain your device's storage. This mobile version is optimized for touch controls and ensures a stable online mod, making it an ideal choice for those looking to install and enjoy the game while on the go.