Project Playtime mobile android apk ios
Project Playtime mobile android apk ios

Project Playtime Mobile

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About Project Playtime Game:

PROJECT: PLAYTIME invites players into a spine-tingling world of multiplayer horror, drawing inspiration from titles like Poppy Playtime. In this free-to-play extravaganza, six players find themselves entangled in a sinister plot as they strive to construct an enormous toy while attempting to outsmart a relentless and menacing monster. This sinister adversary is under the control of a seventh player, and their sole objective is chillingly simple: to hunt down and eliminate every other player.

As the game's narrative unfolds, you step into the shoes of a Resource Extraction Specialist stationed at Playtime Co., the world's most prominent toy company. Your mission is to retrieve colossal toy components hidden away in the depths of the factory, concealed behind cryptic riddles and fiercely guarded by grotesque and nightmarish creatures that have usurped these once-enchanting locations. With tension mounting, your task is clear: secure the toy parts, evade any encounters with the eerie entities, and, most critically, survive the nightmarish ordeal.


Much like Poppy Playtime, PROJECT: PLAYTIME offers a captivating blend of cooperative gameplay, interactive puzzles, and heart-pounding survival elements. Survivors are armed with a unique tool, the GrabPack, which allows them to manipulate their surroundings with its extendable arms. Whether it's lifting heavy objects, solving complex puzzles, or fortifying their positions against the relentless Monster, the GrabPack is an invaluable asset in the battle for survival.
Monsters, on the other hand, have their own set of tricks to terrorize the Survivors. By employing Toy Tickets, an in-game currency earned through gameplay rather than purchase, Monsters can acquire Sabotages. These abilities provide the edge they need to create chaos and confusion. Sabotages can blind Survivors, lay traps, disable their GrabPacks, and more, creating an atmosphere of constant tension and unpredictability.


The graphics of PROJECT PLAYTIME APK are nothing short of breathtaking, especially considering it's played on mobile devices. The attention to detail in recreating the eerie toy factory, complete with terrifying monsters and eerie atmospheres, is truly commendable. The game's adaptation to mobile devices is seamless, ensuring a smooth and visually stunning experience for players on both Android and iOS.

For those eager to dive into the heart-pounding horror of PROJECT: PLAYTIME, the APK is readily available for download. This ensures that you can enjoy the game on your mobile device without any hassles. The APK offers quick and convenient access to the game, allowing you to join the nightmarish adventure with ease.

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