Ratopia mobile android apk ios
Ratopia mobile android apk ios

Ratopia Mobile

New Update v1.1

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Provider: KRAFTON, Inc

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About The New Ratopia Game:

'Ratopia' is a unique game that combines elements of strategic survival, sandbox exploration, and city-building simulation, offering players an immersive and engaging experience. As the leader of a rat civilization, you're responsible for managing and developing a bustling city. What sets 'Ratopia' apart is its intricate economic system, where each ratizen has individual wealth and characteristics. To ensure your city's prosperity, you must provide various job opportunities, from cheese production to gadget crafting, while being mindful not to overwork your ratizens to avoid strikes and unrest.

The game also features an innovative policy-making system, allowing you to shape the city according to your vision. You can create policies to maximize productivity or provide more leisure time, but you must be cautious, as some policies can lead to unexpected consequences, such as crime waves or disease outbreaks.

For a change of pace, you can embark on expeditions into the rat underworld, facing monsters, traps, and discovering ancient treasures. The loot you find during these adventures can be used to enhance your city's growth, adding variety to the gameplay.


earns an 8/10 rating for its engaging economic gameplay, dynamic policy-making, and thrilling underground adventures. It's a must-have for city builder game enthusiasts.

Ratopia Available On Android And iOS:

While it's currently available on PC, fans are eagerly awaiting its Android & iOS release. With our free PC games cloud emulator, you can experience this unique blend of strategic survival, sandbox exploration, and city-building on your mobile device. Download the APK file, and you'll dive into 'Ratopia,' overseeing ratizens, shaping policies, and embarking on thrilling adventures right from your Android device.