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Developer: HexaDrive

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About Silent Hill: The Short Message:

Silent Hill: The Short Message is now on PlayStation 5, and there's a trailer for Silent Hill 2 Remake too. Konami's producer, Motoi Okamoto, talked about how they made the free horror game in a State of Play announcement. You can download it on PS5, and it's a short Silent Hill game with Anita as the main character facing scary stuff.

Silent Hill: The Short Message can be played on Android and iOS!

Even though it's only on PlayStation, gamers want to know if it'll come to mobile platform. They're thinking about it being available for Android or iPhone. Players really want to play the spooky story on their phones by downloading something called Silent Hill: The Short Message APK. But currently, only the fan-made APK release of the game is available. You can download and install it from this page.

Some people like the game, saying it talks about modern problems. But others don't like the story and how it plays. People who played it gave it around 6.6, but Metacritic says it's just okay with a score of 50/100. People are still talking about how the game is doing, if it will grow, and if it'll be on phones.

Silent Hill: The Short Message On Steam!

A new scary game called Silent Hill: The Short Message is causing excitement and discussions. Information leaked from the Australian Classification Board's report revealed that the game is set in a modern apartment building in Germany called The Villa. The story follows a young woman named Anita who is trying to uncover mysteries about her friend. The game has serious themes like self-harm and suicide, so it got a rating of MA 15+, leading to talks about its sensitive content. Silent Hill is making a comeback with different games, including Silent Hill 2 Remake. However, people are upset that The Short Message isn't on Steam, and there are discussions about it possibly being exclusive to certain platforms. Players are eagerly waiting for Konami to confirm details, and this has led to discussions about console wars and when the game will be available on other platforms.