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About The Finals:

Step into the heart-pounding world of Embark Studios' The Finals, a groundbreaking free-to-play combat game that transcends the ordinary. This virtual battleground is not just about aiming and shooting; it's a dynamic game show where contestants forge their path to victory by reshaping, exploiting, and even demolishing the intricately crafted arenas inspired by real-world locations. Season 1 unleashes fresh excitement with new maps, including the glitzy Las Vegas, and unexpected events such as an alien invasion. As players navigate this chaos, they craft unique avatars, accumulate fame, and compete for individual glory, all against the backdrop of a global audience. Despite a mixed reception on Steam, The Finals stands as a testament to innovation, offering players an adrenaline-fueled experience where strategic prowess, environmental manipulation, and the pursuit of virtual stardom collide in a mesmerizing spectacle. Enter The Finals and redefine your expectations of what a combat game can be.

The Finals can be played on Android and iOS Devices!

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