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The Forest Mobile

Update v3.5

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Provider: Endnight Games

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About the game:

The Forest is a special video game where you find yourself on a mysterious island filled with strange creatures and scary monsters. You play as Eric Leblanc, a father searching for his lost son, Timmy, after a plane crash. In this game, experienced players can finish the story in under 15 hours, but it's a thrilling adventure that stays with you.

The game lets you make your own choices in a big, open world, with no set missions or tasks. It has a day and night cycle, so during the day, you build shelters and gather food, and at night, you face dangerous mutants. Eating and cooking are important for staying alive, and you can build all sorts of things, from simple shelters to impressive structures.

You can also play with friends or by yourself. You'll need to be smart about hiding from enemies or fighting them with basic weapons. Cutting down trees and building fires to stay warm and finding food to eat are all part of the experience. You'll even encounter mutated enemies that act almost like humans.

The Forest is so exciting that it's now available on mobile phones. You can download it on Android and iOS to enjoy the adventure anywhere. Whether you want to play alone or with up to eight friends, The Forest promises a heart-pounding experience filled with mystery and survival.

Play The Forest On Android & iOS:

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